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What is Cultivate all about?

Cultivate is about enabling ordinary people to grow in their missional discipleship and, in particular, the growth and development of new worship communities. It is a supported pathway (with more information found here) that begins with an introductory course.

Who is the course designed for?

Everybody! Everyone who is interested in thinking about ‘doing’ church in a new way. It is for any lay person or clergy who want to explore what planting new justice initiatives and worship communities might look like.

How long does the Cultivate course take?

The course is 9 weeks, often with a one week break in the middle.

How much does it cost to come on Cultivate?

It’s free!

What do the sessions look like?

Each session is 2 hours. We tend to start with refreshments, then worship. The bulk of the time is spent with TED style talks of about 15 minutes, then time to reflect, discuss and act on what has just been said.

I don’t know anyone else coming, can I come on my own?

Absolutely. We are a friendly bunch, and it is a wonderful way for you to meet people from across the area you live, so do join us and we will make you feel very welcome!

When will you be running Cultivate in my deanery?

Fit for Mission is a 6-year programme, and we will be working with every deanery in the Liverpool Diocese for 2 years. Currently we are working in St Helens and West Derby Deaneries. For more information about when your deanery will be entering into Fit for Mission please talk to your vicar.

What is Fit for Mission?

Fit for Mission is a project that is running across the Liverpool Diocese for 6 years. There are several elements to Fit for Mission, and for more information we suggest you look here:

How does Cultivate fit with the Joshua Centre?

The Joshua Centre was a 5-year funded Church planting programme that ran across the diocese with great success. We work closely with the Joshua Centre team to support the current Joshua Centre Congregations, to learn from them and to build on their excellent work.