If we do this, we will start seeing a growing array of worship communities, planted and sustained and grown in many contexts.


God is interested, very interested, in using the church to change the world. To accomplish it, he calls people, ordinary people, and gives each of them a unique missional call and vision. He does it with ALL HIS PEOPLE, not just an elite few.

In Cultivate, we want to help you to believe in yourself, to help you identify your missional call, to take your call and vision and bring it into reality, and to grow your leadership. We want to help you lead a new worship community, or join an existing one, or grow in your missional discipleship. We aim to do this through training, mentoring, and prayer, and with the help of your peers, your clergy leaders, and experienced planters.

God is in the business of changing the world! And he wants to do it through you…

Cultivate pathway

Cultivate is a supported pathway that has a number of different stages:

The pathway begins with the Cultivate course, an 8-week exploration of planting that examines why we need new worship communities, what they are and how we plant them. It is an opportunity to explore your own individual missional call, hear stories of people who have planted, and take time to dream and pray about what planting could look like for you.

Following the Cultivate course, people are invited into one of three different outcomes:

Start: This is for people who will lead a new worship community. They will join a Cultivate Leaders’ Group, and have regular training, mentoring, support and prayer.

Join: This is for people who will belong to a new or established worship community. They will join a worship community that is aligned with their emerging sense of missional call.

Explore: This is for people who will continue to grow in their missional discipleship. They will join a small group called Activate, which will enable them to grow and develop their missional discipleship.

Our ultimate aim is the planting and the growth of new worship communities through the encouragement of fresh planting, the development of lay leaders, and the growth of missional discipleship.

Tools and resources

There are a number of key resources that underpin the Cultivate Pathway. These include the Cultivate course (as described above); the Leader Maker (a tool that encourages and enables clergy and other key lay leaders to be Cultivate Mentors), the Planting Pipeline (a workshop that enables the identification of planting goals); the Pyramid Review (a review and development tool for worship community leadership teams) and Activate (a missional discipleship programme). For those who have completed the Cultivate course, access to these tools and resources can be found here

Catch-up Sessions
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